Gift Giving

A Nation That Loves Gift Giving

Here in the UK, we have long been a nation that loves gift giving! Whether it’s for Christmas Gifts Online, a Birthday, or even a Wedding present. Whenever we get the opportunity, we just absolutely love to give gifts to friends, work colleagues and family members. And since we have seen an explosion in global commerce and online shopping there is now a wider range than ever before when it comes to choosing gifts online.

All year round we give each other gifts that can range from cards, chocolate, sweets, flowers, candles, bags and so much more. And never before have we paid as much attention to what gift we are getting someone rather than just picking the first thing off the shelf. You want them to know that you took the time to consider what gift would be perfect for them. We are also starting to see gifts being given to clients and colleagues in business grow like never before. This didn’t use to be a tradition but has since become popular, with most gifts being for loyal customers, congratulating employees or even for secret Santa gifts.

Gift-giving is also seen not only as giving a present to someone but a way that you can strengthen your existing relationship with family and friends. And also a way of showing our appreciation for something someone may have done for us. A recent study found that when surveyed for the reasons of buying gifts:-

  • 53% said that buying a gift felt more ‘thoughtful and personable’.
  • 37% also went on to say that it’s very important that when buying a present, you’re giving them something to unwrap.
  • 18% said that they felt obligated to return the gesture after having been bought a gift.

We also have seasonal holidays where gift-giving has been a tradition for hundreds of years. The major one, of course, being Christmas where gift giving has increasingly become an important part of the festivities. Other special days in the calendar can include Easter and New Year’s. There are also personal special moments that gifts seem appropriate to give. Some of these can include giving someone a Wedding gift, a Christening gift or even a gift to celebrate the birth of their new-born. Giving gifts on these occasions not only shows that you have put thought into what to get them but it also shows them that you’re genuinely happy for them and want them to enjoy their special day!

Here at White Ribbon Gifts, we are proud to be a local family-run business that promotes gift-giving and encourages us to whenever and wherever give gifts to friends and family members to keep our bonds closer than ever. Especially in the current climate where we might not be as close physically to one another as would like to be.

On our website, you will find a range of high-quality gifts that include candles, jewellery, bags, books and much more. We take pride also in providing a unique collection of gifts that not only separate us from the other gift companies out there but provide you with a unique range of options when it comes to choosing the perfect gift.

You can also come down to see us in person whether it is for a browse or whether you just want a chat and to find out more about our product selection.

Another reason why gift-giving has become popular according to studies that have been carried out is personalisation. Being able to personalise the gifts that you are giving to someone not only means that you’re getting them something special but that you’re also adding that personal touch. Certain products on our website such as cards can be tailored with your message so you can make that impression to your friend or family member. We’ve also seen a shift to people preferring to buy gifts online for a few reasons. Firstly, is convenience. Our lives are busier now than they ever have been before. This leaves us with less time to spend time with family and doing the things we love. Buying gifts online for your friends or family saves you the time that would be spent having to travel and shop in person.

Also with the current pandemic, we have seen a huge shift in people wanting to buy online because they would rather not go out to the shops at this current moment which is something we understand.

When buying gifts from us we can also gift wrap your presents with absolute tender care. There is a range of options when it comes to present wrapping paper for you to choose from depending on what you think might be best. If your order is over £35.00 we’ll throw in postage and packing for FREE too!

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