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Thank You Teachers!

We’d like to say thank you to all our incredible teachers, who help mould us to be the people we become. The past year has been incredibly tough on our teachers and now they are under pressure to get children up to date academically after nearly a year off school.  

We think it’s so important to remind our teachers how important they are to us, as they support our children’s educations and their wellbeing. We need to remind them we equally support them too, especially over the last year, teachers have faced the struggle of having to teach their students online. Teachers work silently during and after school hours without recognition, Sundays are spent planning for the week when they could be spending time with family. When teachers are ill, they will still have to work to let cover teachers plan the day for their students. So much work that teachers do goes unnoticed, and we’d like to thank you for all your hard work! They are building our future generation and we can’t be more grateful. 

No gift can fully show the importance of what teachers do for us and our kids, but it’s still important to show our appreciation for them. School summer holidays are looming, and it can be difficult to know what to get our teachers. Here at The White Ribbon, we thought we’d help you on ideas of what to get your teacher!  


  1. Stationary- Pencils, pens, books and any stationary are always used by your teacher. So, getting them a range of stationary will make your teacher feel grateful and they can be reminded of what an amazing teacher they are every time they work. 

2. Candles- Candles are perfect for not only making the room smell nice, but for keeping your room zen after a long day. Below we’ve

 added one of our beautiful products, which has a thank you message on, just so your teacher is reminded of how grateful you are of them! If ever your teacher has a stressful day, they’ll have this gorgeous smelling candle to light when they get home. 


Thank You Candle

3. Jewellery- What teacher doesn’t like jewellery? Giving your teacher a necklace, earrings, a watch or bracelet will add a bit of sparkle to their outfit and make them feel special. Below we’ve added one of our beautiful Silver Star Earring sets by Compton and Clarke, perfect to remind your teacher that they’re a star! 

Teacher Earrings


4. Sentimental Gifts- Lets touch our teachers’ hearts by getting them something sentimental and meaningful. Below we have our Thank You Teachers Pocket Charm, which they can keep in their pocket or purse to remind them that their hard work pays off. This card reminds them of your gratitude for all their hard work, they won’t ever forget this gift! 

Thank You Teacher Card


5. Chocolates- We all have a sweet tooth, so what better gift than some chocolate. We have a range of chocolates that you can choose from on our website, shown below is our delicious Raspberry & Champagne Truffles by Cocoba Chocolate. 

Raspberry Champagne Truffles


We hope you found this helpful on how we can make our teachers feel special and loved. We need to show them a token of our appreciation so here at The White Ribbon Gifts we’re here to help! We have a range of beautiful, bespoke gifts, perfect for every occasion! 

We’d love for you to come visit us at The White Ribbon, 2 Maynard Place, Station Road, Cuffey, EN6 4JA or give us a call on 01707 873334. We’ll be more than happy to help you find the best gift you can give. We have a beautiful range of gifts for you to choose from!

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