How to Give the Perfect Gift 

The most important people in our lives are our family and friends. Without these people, we would not be the people we are today. Although emotional bonding proves the strength of any relationship, sometimes the gesture of a thoughtful gift shows how important these people are to us. We’ve all been in that situation where we have a family or friends birthday looming and we’re struggling with what gift to give them. Here at The White Ribbon Gifts, we are experts in gift-giving, so we’re going to give you the ultimate guide on how to give the best gift and avoid common pitfalls.  

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Here are some things to consider.   

  1. The monetary value of the gift is unimportant.  

Think back to one of the best gifts you’ve ever received. Think about it… thought of it? It probably wasn’t the most expensive gift, but one that was well thought out. The thought and effort always count, so consider getting your creative skills out and creating a gift. This gives a personalised touch and shows you’ve made an effort.   

  1. Don’t just give money.  

Although giving money is still a gift, it doesn’t show effort or thought behind it. It also puts a monetary value on someone. Consider using the money to buy a gift that they would really value.   

  1. Gift wrapping 

Wrapping your gifts shows that you took a great deal of time and care over the gift, and value the act of giving more than the gift itself. You can wrap your gifts in many different methods. People commonly use wrapping paper, but you can also add your gift into a bag and cover it with some tissue paper. This makes the gift feel more personalised, and bonus points to you if you wrap it in their favourite colour! We provide a gift-wrapping service in our store if gift wrapping is a bit too fiddly.   


  1. Always include a thoughtful message with the gift. 

Presenting a card before you give the gift just gives them an extra surprise and shows them that you’ve made an effort. Writing about how much they mean to you and wishing them a special birthday really does mean the world to them.   


  1. Give something that you yourself can share in, like online cocktail making lessons. 

This shows that you value the time you spend with the person and also provides you with the perfect excuse to treat yourself!  

We hope you find these tips useful, let us know if they worked! We love to see all our customers happy, so we’re more than happy to assist in-store or online to help you find the best gift you can give. We pride ourselves in offering a welcoming and pleasant shopping environment plus a laugh and a chat along the way and now, we are delighted to launch our online collection to compliment the success of our walk-in business.  

We’d love for you to come visit us at The White Ribbon, 2 Maynard Place, Station Road, Cuffey, EN6 4JA or contact us on 01707 873334. We’ll be more than happy to help you find the best gift you can give. 

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