Creative Ways to Give a Gift

Creative Ways to Give a Gift


Giving gifts happens all year round, whether it’s for a particular celebration or just because, we wanted to give you a few creative ways to give gifts. If you follow along with the rest of this blog, you’ll be giving the best gifts this Christmas with that White Ribbon touch. 

Scavenger hunt –  

Write up a set of instructions and clues for your hunt, have an initial one to give to your recipient and then hide the rest accordingly to the order of each clue. You can do this with just the clues, or you could hide little gifts along with it too for example one of our small candles, it’s up to you. Doing this leading up to the gift adds excitement, anticipation, extra enjoyment and even an extra touch of love. 

Balloons –  

Balloons are perfect for celebrating any occasion they add that extra bit of pop to the room ‘no pun intended’. We’ve seen glitter-filled balloons so why not fill the balloons yourself. If you’re simply gifting money put the money in the balloons and let the recipient go on a popping spree to get their gift. If you’ve got an event ticket to give print out a letter explaining it all, tear it up and put it into balloons. Once they’ve popped all the balloons, they can then piece it together to reveal their gift. There are so many more ways you could use this idea too! 

A Little Box Of Cheerfulness by Compton & Clarke

Box –  

The good old trick of a gift inside a gift never gets old, with boxes this is so easy to do and really builds up the suspense. You simply wrap the original present and then put it in something else and wrap that so on and so forth. It takes a while to do but watching it all unfold is worth it especially if it’s for a child.   

Unexpected –  

This one is all in the timing, if they’re expecting a gift due to it being a birthday etc catching them off guard will make it that bit more special. You could either leave it somewhere you know they’ll run into it with a note to explain or turn up when they least expect it perhaps to their workplace. Nothing beats a good surprise.  

Origami wrapping designs – 

Sometimes simplicity is key, not everyone wants a big deal made from a gift. If you still want to give that extra bit of love and cheer why not try some origami wrapping. It looks great and shows you’ve taken time and care. These can be quite fiddly to do but there are lots of tutorials on YouTube. 

These are just a few things you could do to spruce up your gift-giving and if you need help with the gift side of it you know we’ve got your back. Happy gift giving!

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